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Publix Delivery

You can order Publix food and drinks online.

⬇ Download «Publix Delivery» application for Android in Google Play, for iOS in App Store.


When you go to «Publix Delivery» 📱 you will find 4 main pages:

  1. Home – 🏠 on this page you can choose needed items and place of delivery.
  2. delivery
  3. Explore – 🔍 on this page all the items are distributed into categories.
  4. delivery
  5. Savings – 📣 on this page you will find favorable offers and deals.
  6. delivery
  7. Your Items – 🛒 on this page you can make order list and use it again in the future.
  8. delivery

How to use «Publix Delivery» App?

Now you can order Publix goods online.

  1. Enter Publix Delivery App.
  2. Place the chosen items into the cart.
  3. delivery
  4. Go to your cart and check the chosen goods. The minimum amount for delivery is $10. Then, click «Go to Check Out».
  5. delivery
  6. Next, fill in your address and time of delivery. 🚚
  7. delivery
  8. Pay for Publix Delivery.

✅ Publix Delivery from $10 to $39 is paid and done within 5 hours.

✅ Free Express Publix Delivery is free starting from $40.

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